Our story

The Muloot Money story

Over the last decade, the team at Muloot Money have invested, founded, departed and even sold companies that all had one thing in common, which was the fact that international commerce and trade across borders was fundamental to their success.

If we have taken one thing on board during these times it is the fact that even small changes can make a big difference and with this in mind we have brought together many small ideas to form a business current account product that should make things infinitely more easy and more cost-effective for our clients to do business internationally.

In 2019, we recognised a need for a new, card-based international business account that would make international business quicker, cheaper, easier and fairer than anything that had gone before.

And so, Muloot Money was born.

An intelligent new business account, Muloot Money is your company’s growth passport, aiming to help make international trade and cross border business seamless and border-free.

Our heritage

Our partners, Equals Group PLC, have been setting the standards for fair and transparent rates and fees since 2007. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Equals Group PLC has a ten-year record of providing award-winning international payment services to UK businesses. Through its subsidiary, Equals Money UK Ltd, the experts in business current accounts we have come together to create Muloot Money.

Our purpose

Muloot believes in the following:

  • doing business internationally should be fair, easy and cost-effective
  • businesses deserve some rewards to balance out the risks they take
  • all our clients will benefit from a more level playing field, which will help Global companies remove barriers to entry

Our people

Q. What do you get when you cross currency experts with business current account experts?

A. Muloot Money

Muloot Money brings two teams together to offer world-wide businesses a forward-looking international current account, perfect for cross border e-commerce trade.

Our teams are based in London and Chester.

Currency experts, from Equals Group PLC, are based in London. They have more than a decade’s experience – providing the most convenient, best value foreign exchange on the market. In the time, they’ve developed a comprehensive suite of services, including prepaid currency cards, travel cash, corporate expense cards, and bank to bank transfers. Their award-winning currency cards have attracted over 600,000 customers to date.

Our Muloot team, based in Chester also has a decade’s experience – have proven experience in developing and scaling a highly functional personal and business current account products. To date, they have opened 80,000 accounts and processed over £3 billion of customers’ money.

We have brought all this experience, expertise and know-how together to launch Muloot Money – to help your business achieve its global ambitions.